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I’ve always been inspired by the people around me who were passionate about things. Starting at a young age of 13, I rolled into my first student job. I kept on finding pleasure in work and seeing things grow out of teamwork. I did construction, waiting, factory work and many more student jobs.

Now what they all had in common was at the end of the day, you had build something which you could have never done alone. That’s when I first realised the importance of teamwork. I’ve had many teamleaders over the course of +10 different jobs. Not all who were great leaders, but each one taught me something new that I carry with me trying to lead people.

A few years ago, I found this amazing book Start with Why by Simon Sinek. The book didn’t bring some great new insight or lessons I didn’t already know. But it did something very special. It helped me put my purpose into words. It helped me find my Why:

I want to inspire and support people in there every day work, so they can find joy, appreciation and safety in it.
And we can watch them grow.

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